Disrupted is a captivating book about startups in the Silicon Valley. It is about a journalist who after losing his job abruptly, tries his hand in the tech world where he salivates at the millions being minted by young men.  At 50 years of age, with two young kids, anyone will be screwed in this capitalist world.

That is where Dan Lyons found himself one dark Friday when his boss called him into this office and showed him the door, after 25 years of being a leading tech journalist.

In his dark situation, the idea hits him, after seeing and writing about people hitting gold in the start-up boom he asked himself why he cannot be one of them. And with one Tech Company with 100 million dollars offering stock options, he plunged in, what possibly could go wrong?

Dan Lyons finds himself in a new job where his coworkers are young enough to be his children. Their main business is selling email spam, making the world a better place so they say. Disrupted has been hilariously written as a story of self-reinvention for the author, portraying devilish angel investors, venture capitalist chasing fads, entrepreneurs, bloggers, programmers, not forgetting the wantrepreneurs.

This book gives a very clear account of life in the tech bubble that many are not aware of.

As much as it entertains with the skillful writing and clear analysis of the author, Disrupted also delivers the much-needed referendum on the state of Silicon Valley.Written in a wildly entertaining style, Lyons explores and shares how many technology companies have come to fool themselves and the public. Some of you might know Dan Lyons as the writer on the hugely successful HBO TV show Silicon Valley.

He has injected the much-needed dose of sanity in a tech world gone mad. His blend of experience in both the journalism and tech world makes the book a compelling read.

Read this book and finally understand the hypocrisy and fervor inside today’s tech giants.

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