Take Charge Project Management is a book for everyone who is looking for a proven approach to product management. The book recognizes that many managers often enter product management field with little or lack of training and zero experience; that they must start from scratch and learn through trials and errors.

This book is seen as a step-by-step guide, because it provides a systematic guide to help you along the product management path. Take Charge Project Management gives you all the tips and tools necessary to take your product from a simple idea to a more successful project. If read carefully and out to practice, this book will prove useful as far as optimizing your time and increasing the value of your project is concerned.

Once you read and understand the content of this book, you will understand the power and role of project management. Remember too that this book is an advanced work of art. This is why project managers, as well as project masters, can rely on this book to manage their product.

According to Greg Cohen, the author of Agile Excellence Product Managers, this book will help you to establish processes around business outcomes. Because of its valuable lessons, this book will be definitely a great one to read. Some people say this product is great, others say the product has valuable lessons and many will wish they should have read this book the very first day it was published. And the truth is Take Charge Project Management is the next big book that you will need to read for the next ten years.

Take Charge Project Management uses the simplest English to communicate ideas, making it the best book that not only makes reading fun and enjoyable but also the tips easy tips to implement and to remember.

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If you are new to Product Management then this book is the best place to start. It is powerful and heavy hitting on explaining the ins and outs. By far you will gain more knowledge from reading the book than any expensive product management training course.
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