‘Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services’ by Kim Goodwin is an informative book that describes the advantages that come with digitally enabled products, be it consumer electronic products, medical appliances, or applications. These digitally enabled products, however, have the propensity for unnecessary complexity and confusion to the users if not properly designed.

What’s The Digital Age?

Digitally-enabled technological products and services have a great potential to provide an opportunity to deliver excellent service and improve on the user’s experience. In this book, the author is of the opinion that technology ought to accelerate our development as humanity and enable us to tap the limitless potential through facilitation of creation and incorporation of technological products. Ideal products and services ought to be, first and foremost, deeply embedded in every aspect of the consumers’ lives, staying relevant in the manner in which they are applied, and providing solutions in societal issues as our society continuously and gradually develops.

This book helps the reader understand that products that can be applied to create improved customer experiences in comparison to other existing products or services are the biggest winners in terms of user efficiency and satisfaction. This is also why some product developers seem to be performing much better than others.

Successful design of products and services demands multi-disciplinary and elegant solutions in terms of visual appeal, user interaction, and practical application in order to meet the customer needs. The products should also be flexible enough to predict future adjustments as consumers’ needs evolve. From this wonderful and informative read, you learn that in order to create successful, efficient, and user-friendly products, designers must master these systems of approach when designing products and services; which makes it a relevant, deserving read in an age of rapid technological advancement. ‘Designing for the Digital age’ is a work of art in its own right.

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This book is great for people who are relatively new to user experience, but also acts as a really handy reference for more experienced practitioners too.
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