Most of us appreciate the benefits of our technological advancements but are still evidently bothered by the ‘complexity’ that comes along with it. According to Don Norman in this provocative and informative book ‘Living with Complexity’, this line of thinking is absolutely wrong and misled. According to the author, technology should be a reflection of our lives’ intricate, progressive, and autonomous nature.

What Complexity?

In this very captivating work, the reader will get to learn that technology must mirror the complexity and richness of our lives. This apparent complexity can be solved through design in technology. Multi-disciplinary design methods can be applied in order to solve these complex problems that a majority of people seem to have with budding technology. This book presents integrated design systems that are applicable in solving complexities. Complexity can be solved in design provided the individuals involved become concerned, engage, and structured.

This is to say that the people must also be interested and willing to learn the structures of technology and practice the necessary skills needed to utilize it to its full potential. This is similar to how humans mastered skills involved in earlier technological feats such as driving cars and operating complex machines like computers; this is the only way we can wash down the apparent notion of unnecessary complexity in our technological advancements.

Complexity and autonomy are the two aspects that are required to live a fulfilling life; we should, therefore, not avoid it but embrace it, not just in technology but also in also in other aspects of our lives. This has been clearly brought out in ‘Living with Complexity’. Complexity is greatly misunderstood, rejected, and insulted. Simplicity should not receive such acclaim from us in our technological endeavors. When did complexity become such as appalling thing? In this informative piece of work, this unfortunate misunderstanding has been clearly brought out and should, therefore, be engaged by everyone.

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I don’t recall his previous books containing much information about Experience Design. THIS book does that. I feel that Donald deliberately waited with explaining and describing experience design since he first wanted his audience to learn the basic principles of usability.
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