In the Paradox of Choice, author Barry Swartz explains how too much choice in our lives can make us unhappy and overwhelmed.

We always think that a varied choice is a good thing, that it gives us the freedom to have what we really want and this makes us feel good. Barry Swartz says this isn’t so. Whether you are buying a pair of jeans or a cup of coffee – too much choice can make you question your decisions and make you feel bad about yourself.

He explores the ways choice becomes a problem and how eliminating it can reduce stress and make us less anxious. The Paradox of Choice is a great read and one that will get you thinking, whether or not you agree with what the author says.

How could you eliminate choice in your products?

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Barry Schwartz answers the question with analytical clarity and with supported research and makes a logical and compelling case concerning the unhappiness associated with to much choice.
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