Business owners all over the world crave the answer to one simple question: What are my users thinking? Tomer Sharon – Head of User Experience at WeWork in New York City – has just released Validating Product Ideasa book focussed on teaching the required techniques to answer such questions.

Tomer, formerly a senior user experience researcher at Google Search, will show you new methods for understanding customers, gathering hidden insights and ultimately building amazing products. The book was published earlier this month but Tomer has been pushing content via his blog for some time. Here’s some of our favourite content, including a terrific interview with Gary Veynerchuk.

The book is available to purchase now for just $39, or $22 as an eBook. We suggest you follow Tomer on Twitter, where he tweets about UX, drums and WWE.

If you’re savvy, this book will catch you by surprise with techniques you should have been using years ago. Overall, I haven’t been this excited about a Lean book in years.
Trevor Owens, CEO @ Javelin