We would all like not to die, wouldn’t we? Well, I’m afraid that’s just not possible, not in this lifetime anyway. However, we can all increase our chances of living a longer and much healthier life. That’s the premise behind our next book, How Not to Die.

How Not to Die, written by Dr Michael Greener is all about extending your time on this planet whilst avoiding diseases. He looks at some of the causes of early death in Americans, like heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes and then carefully explains how these conditions can be prevented with certain food and lifestyle changes.

He presents a new way of looking at our diets from a very particular point of view and shows us how we can live a good, healthy life without chronic illness. If you want to implement diet and lifestyle changes in your life, then this book is a must read. It’s well written and easy to read and full of detailed information and good advice.

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Absolutely the best and most authoritative guide to the relationship between food and health. This book presents in a clearly written format, the specific, actionable information needed to use food to maximize the quality of your life and health.
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