If you work inside the design industry, chances are you have heard of Nir Eyal. His thoughts on user experience design have been inspiring creatives for years. The author – who writes about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business – has released his first book, Hooked.

The No.1 seller on Amazon is a must read for any CEO, founder or entrepreneur focussed on digital products. This book will give you the competitive edge and help in getting your users Hooked to your product. The book will teach you how to build habits, rewards and triggers into your product.

The Hook Model

When you need to find something out, you search Google. When you’re lonely or frustrated, you go to one of the many social media outlets for some instant gratification and companionship. Why? Eyal answers this question (and many more) with the Hook Model – a four-step process that brilliantly encourages user behaviour. Using these “hook cycles,” you’re able to bring users back time after time without relying on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

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I bought this book after seeing it recommended in a blog. I’ve recently taken responsibility for an online tool that isn’t being used as much as anticipated. Being new to the area of product management I was looking for some guidance in how to convert people who try the product once, to people who are regular active users. This book fitted the bill perfectly.
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