If you want to learn about computers and how they work, then read Charles Pezold’s book, Code – The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software.

It’s not a heavy, technical piece of literature. It’s written with lots of wit and humour, which makes it very readable, even for someone that has a limited technical know- how.

Charles Petzold’s explanation of the technologies behind computer code by using Braille and Morse Code, really make this book an interesting read.

Find out for example, about IP and TCP, which is properly explained without complication and really dig into this little piece of technology that is used every day. Usefully illustrated and carefully written, it is the book that will give you a basic knowledge of how computers really work and have you on your way with building software.

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Gave this as a gift to a mentor who helped me get into medical school. He absolutely loves this book- says the author is quite unlike any other that has tried to write an overview on code. Crystal clear, easy to understand and entertaining.
Dave from Amazon