Every programming language has its good and bad parts; however some feel JavaScript has more of the latter since it was developed in just 10 days back in 1995. In JavaScript: The Good Parts, Douglas Crockford has carefully peels away the bad, thus revealing the good. He shows how readable, reliable and maintainable this language actually is. You learn about its subsets that can be used to create very efficient and extensive codes.

The author identifies many attributes that makes JavaScript an amazing object-oriented programming language. Among these are functions, dynamic objects, loose typing and an extensive object literal notation. People like to shout about what’s bad about JavaScript and Crockford feels its time people knew more about the great features of the language.

This skillfully written book helps you discover what a beautiful, elegant, and highly expressive language JavaScript is. It allows you to create very efficient code for you or your colleagues.

Crockford has managed to eliminate the bad and reveal the best features of JavaScript including; Syntax, Objects, Functions, Inheritance, Arrays, Regular Expressions, Methods.

This book will make you respect JavaScript.

This book is for the intermediate programmer. One who is keen to expand their knowledge when it comes to objects, arrays, types and other functions. This book is about best practises with JavaScript and respecting the language we all love to hate. We’ll also learn what makes JavaScript so “annoying” and how we can work around that.

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In this small and dense book you will find JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford’s presentation of the beautiful subset of a language that lies within JavaScript as a whole. You can use this subset to write serious programs. Occasionally you might have to use some of what Crockford calls “the bad parts”, but at least you’ll know the dangers, and how to mitigate them.
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