Sakshi Chetana brings together the rare and precious combination of ancient Buddhist wisdom and its applications in today’s life of achieving joy and happiness. This book is all about the spirit of the Laughing Buddha, a state of ultimate relaxation, happiness and contentment.

It is believed that Buddha has immeasurable influence on humans and this is just one aspect of the Buddha. Through this, we are shown how to be enlightened and live a euphoric life as we go on with our daily routines and responsibilities.

Saksi has eloquently written on the wisdom of Buddha and how it can enlighten us and live a happy life in our normal routines. Often in a question-answer format, he has penned it so clearly and beautifully for all to understand. This makes it so easy for those new to Buddhism to readily understand and access the wise spirit of Buddha.

It is a great and enjoyable read if you want to live a meaningful life with joy. A very resourceful treasure if you have an interest in developing a positive successful attitude and living a happy life. You get to live a balanced life even in the midst of so much turmoil of everyday living.

The author has written so well you will be kept locked in the book right up until the end. The wealth of information is enormous and the ancient secrets of living from the sages. The stories and wisdom are very applicable in our lives today; add that to the beautiful storyline, Laughing Buddha is a page turner. Even without going into many philosophical depths, this book contains very straight basic life principles that anyone from any faith can apply. Skills like mindfulness and coping with unpleasant situations in life have been articulately explained in this book. Awaken the happy Buddha within and start enjoying the life you have.

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