Roy Peter Clark, America’s most influential teacher of writing, offers a very engaging and practical guide for those who are interested in writing short stories. In How to Write Short, he shines the light on how we can use just a few words to paint a thousand pictures.

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From the ancient times, short forms of writing have been there in the forms of prayers, ship logs and haikus. However in this internet age, it is now considered an essential skill. Covered in the book are guides on how to write effective and powerful titles, sales pitches, headlines, tweets, essays not forgetting self-descriptions for those dating sites you “just signed up for that one time”.

Sell by Writing Short

Are you terrified of having to promote a book in 140 words? This book has the answers for you by teaching you how to reinvent so as to flow with the bloggers and tweeters of today. Clark provides a host of examples of short form writing in the Western culture, helping you write brilliantly flowing prose.

The book is organized into two sections: How to write short and How to write short with a purpose. At the end of all the book he caps it off a few final words, fittingly, this final blessing is exactly 441 words.

This book is invaluable, especially to those who deal with blogging, online marketing, and social media on a daily basis. Everything you may need is in this little book, written with very few words. You may not believe this now, but writing short can actually enhance your ability to write long.

You will master the respect for words.

How to Write Short is very insightful with explanations pulling you forward with ease. It is very informative and enjoyable. Notes at the end of each chapter will make sure you remember everything easily.

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This is an enlightening read. It’s quick, it’s easy to read and it really changes your outlook on 140 characters or less, and how that can affect writing in all forms. Writing short can actually enhance your ability to write long.
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